Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we at Mini Shred have been asked over the years.
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“The only silly question is the one not asked”
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Question :- Do I have to take the Staples out?

Answer :-     No unlike some smaller machines it does not bother if your paperwork has Staples, Bulldog clips etc… the equipment used by Mini Shred anything like that gets shredded and destroyed along with the paper and then gets removed when the paper is Recycled.

Question :-   What happens to the paper after it is shredded?

Answer :-     All the paper when it is Shredded is bailed up and sent of for recycling. Eventually depending on the Grade / Quality of the paper initially shredded it will end up back as either recycled paper or paper product.

Question :- If I have documents in plastic folder do I have to remove them from the plastic folders?

Answer :-       No just like the staples and bulldog clips all the plastic gets shredded at the same time as the paper and gets removed when it all gets recycled.


Question :- What Do I Get to confirm its has been Destroyed Securely?

Answer :-       All our Clients Receive a Signed Collection Note, Certificate of Destruction and Invoice. We also if required present our clients with a Recycling Certificate which details how much (weight wise) has been Collected, Destroyed and Recycled for them

  • Collection Notes provide detail’s of how much and what has been collected.

  • Certificates of Destruction provide our clients with proof that everything has been destroyed.

  • Invoice’s provide similar details to the Collection Notes together with the charges and payment details.

Question :- Will I be tied into a long contract?

Answer :-      NO. We believe that lengthy contract’s allow supplier’s to become complacent and then start to treat their clients as numbers and not as they should be that is As Valued Client’s. All our regular clients who use our Secure Locker or Wheelie bins are on a Rolling Monthly Contract. That way our clients know we will always look after them other wise all they have to do is give us a months notice to remove our Service.

Question :- What is the minimum number of bags / boxes you will collect?

Answer :-      Within reason we have the flexibility of Service to be able to collect just one bag / box. With small collections like these we normally fit it into one of our regular collection routes. So as long as you do not mind waiting a few days then we can program you in for a collection when we are passing you premises.

Question :- What Happens if I Put Something in for Shredding that I need later?

Answer :-      All our clients who have one of the Secure Lockers or Wheelie Bins will be provided with a key that they keep in a safe place so that if they put an item in one of these they have the ability to retrieve it before the Lockers or Bins are emptied. Which is something you cannot do with your home or office shredder. *PLEASE Note*   All confidential are the clients responsibility until they are collected by Mini Shred


Please note:- We are constantly updating this list.

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